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How To Build A Wooden Shed – Steps For Constructing A Shed

You will be able to save a lot by just knowing how to build a wooden shed and by putting in the effort to make one from scratch. So, pay close attention to this simple step by step process on how to make a shed.

The first thing to think about is how you will choose to build your shed. There is an option between starting completely from scratch and purchasing a shed kit. The shed kit has all the materials needed to create a shed and the instructions on constructing one. This is the easier option.

Building a shed from a kit is easy because you will not have to shop for the materials. The materials are made to measurement already, so you do not have to do any sewing. You just order the kit and start building. You will only have to purchase the paint that you will use to color your shed.

The only disadvantage of building a shed from a kit is that they are factory made, meaning there are limited choices in design and measurements. Although modifications and little adjustments can be done in the shed, you may not be fully satisfied with its size. Also, they cost more when compared to constructing a shed from scratch.

The other option is to start from scratch. This would require more time and effort. Before you can start building, you will need to do a lot of things first. A shed plan or blueprint has to be made, materials have to be bought, and you have to get your hands on the tools needed.

Once you have taken care of all these, then you can put on your work clothes and get dirty. Here are the steps on how to make a shed.

The next step is to prepare the cement foundation. You can do this by digging out a patch of land that can fit the shed that you have designed. Once the foundation is finished, you can construct a wooden framework. This framework has to be sturdy to support the entire shed’s weight.

Make sure to make space for any openings you want, like windows and doors. Once the framework is completed, you can proceed to construct the interior and exterior of your shed.

Install the wall inside and outside the shed. Nail them nicely and sand any rough surfaces. The roof sheets are next. Sand the sharp edges of the roof sheets and install them above your framework.

Next, install the doors and windows nicely. Paint any surface you want to be colored. Take your time to make this final touch count. Lastly, install any shelves and drawers you want inside the shed.

You are finished! You have learned how to make a shed, built one with your hands and saved a lot of money. You can dust off your hands and admire the beauty of the shed that you have built from the ground.

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